Claire Sykes | Samples


"Nick Brandt: Animal Elegy"
Photographer's Forum

Whether it's an environmental portrait of a lion or a staged scene of sawed-off elephant tusks seized from poachers, it's easy to grieve for East Africa's endangered wildlife in the work of photographer and fierce conservationist Nick Brandt.
"In the Garden with Ron van Dongen"
Photographer's Forum

Larger-than-life botanical beauties bud and bloom in Ron van Dongen's photographs that invite close-up, intimate explorations up the tulip's whiskered stem, onto the checkered lily's chessboard pattern and inside the twirled ruffle of the flowering kale.
"On the Road with Jane Hilton"
Photographer's Forum

An English-born documentary photographer sees the American West's endless desert and clear-blue skies as the unlimited hope and possibility of the American Dream, and she captures those in her images of cowboys and Nevada's legal brothels.
"Tyler Jacobson: Fantasy Man"
Communication Arts

In a world where a two-headed he-man monster stomps in a rage, giant-tentacled sea creatures lurk and armored warriors charge through flames, illustrator Tyler Jacobson brings the fantastic to life in his award-winning oil-painted and digital images.
"Toni Greaves: Designer Eye, Photographic View"
Communication Arts

Toni Greaves has traveled the globe with her camera, telling stories that invoke compassion in her documentary photos of Afghan women and African boys in rites-of-passage rituals, American nuns and the animal-costumed "Furries."
"Envisioning Success"
HOW Magazine

When he suddenly lost his high-powered executive job, David Smith took his knack to adapt and steered his ambition into a profession he loved, first freelancing his graphic design skills then going on to build the thriving Envision Creative Group.
"Domenico Dragonetti: Into the Light"
Chamber Music Magazine

After 163 years of darkness in the British Museum, the music of 19th-century Italian double bass virtuoso Domenico Dragonetti is being brought to light, releasing the full potential of an instrument that has for too long been shackled.
"Vanishing Voices"
Stanford Magazine

Up here where nights blush with the Northern Lights, there's a lot to appreciate—and preserve. For Annette Evans Smith, president and CEO of the Alaska Native Heritage Center, that also means the state's diverse indigenous cultures.
"Ancestral Connections"
The Leading Edge

"It's hard to know where you're going if you don't know your history," says Shirod Younker, a Coquille/Coos Indian. From building a canoe to mentoring youth, the contemporary expression of traditional Native values flows through everything he does.
"Make Me a Writer"

The girl who dropped out of high school and turned to drugs eventually wrote her way toward healing. Today, Suzanne Paola, a.k.a. Susanne Antonetta Paola, is a nationally acclaimed author (of nonfiction, fiction and poetry) and an esteemed college professor.
"A Slice of Poetry"

With a spoon in one hand and a pen in the other, Kate Lebo shapes her life's passions into award-winning pies and poems. Her recipes and verse, both widely published, only feed each other when she's stirring up her creative juices.
"Green Scenes: Donyale Werle, Tony-Winning Set Designer"
Mirage Magazine

Plastic bottles and bike chains, used wine corks and old dinner forks. Donyale Werle takes other people's trash and turns it into theater-stage-set treasures, but her dedication to the sustainable goes well beyond the material.
"Breaking Bad (Habits)"
Energy Times

It's not easy to change our ways, but we can ditch those bad habits and develop good ones when we adopt the right mindset and take action. Self-compassion, commitment to and repetition of the desired behavior, and support from others all help.
"Ominous Ache"
Energy Times

Roughly 1.5 million people in the United States have rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an autoimmune disease with intense joint pain and the threat of cardiovascular problems. If you suffer from RA, it's important to eat a healthy diet and take the right supplements.
"Single-Site Surgery Offers Multiple Benefits"
Healthy Outlook (Sharp Grossmont Hospital)

More and more surgeons and their patients are choosing to go through the navel to remove that gall bladder or appendix. Fewer complications and quicker recovery are among the many reasons why.
"Stories From the Field"
Health Commons Grant (Providence Health & Services)

A three-year grant that's aimed to improve quality of care for Oregon's Medicaid patients requires the dedication of many professionals, including a former homeless heroin addict who now helps others in his work at Portland's Central City Concern.
<i>OCF 40 Years</i> Annual Report 2013 OCF 40 Years Annual Report 2013
The Oregon Community Foundation

Duncan Campbell grew up poor and neglected, then made his fortune with the goal to give—and did that by founding Friends of the Children. His inspiring story joins seven more from philanthropists who donate to OCF, one of the top 50 foundations in the U.S.
<i>Giving Health</i> Donor Annual Report 2013 Giving Health Donor Annual Report 2013
Legacy Health Office of Philanthropy

From the parents of a teenager who died to a middle-aged woman who survived breast cancer, seven generous donors make sure a boy's smiles live on, fewer children face abuse and healing gardens always remember loved ones.
"Dance in Pursuit of Dreams"
Alaska Native Heritage Center

The dreams we follow can take us from hope and devotion to defeat and, finally, triumph. Twelve poems mark the way in Steven Wounded Deer Alvarez's multimedia production of recited verse, live rock music, and Native and Western dances.
Swanson Studio

Twenty photographs of lean and muscled athletes and models taken by Marcus Swanson and five employees of this prestigious Portland photography studio, over the course of two months, were publicly exhibited and published—with a poetic prologue.