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For over a decade, Claire Sykes has been a regular and frequent contributor of insightful, interesting and educational feature articles for Photographer's Forum magazine. Her interviews are in-depth, her style is rich and readable, and her research is thorough and reliable. Not only is she detail-oriented in her writing, but she is also a delight to work with, a writer with whom an editor can develop a warm working relationship. And this one has!

Julie Simpson, Managing Editor
Photographer's Forum

Claire has written a wide variety of stories for Western Washington University's Window magazine, including a short, bright story about an up-and-coming poet, an inspiring profile of one of the world's best female triathletes and a thought-provoking portrait of an international combat photographer.

She's quickly become one of my favorite writers. I don't worry when I assign a story to Claire: I know she will create a thoughtful, well-crafted piece, and that she'll deliver it on time and within the word count we've discussed. Even better, when we do have questions or editing requests, Claire takes these questions seriously. She'll re-craft sections or even do additional reporting—I get the impression that she's not happy with the story until I am.

Claire has written some of the best articles to appear in Window, including "View Finder," which won a Silver Award from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education Region 8. I've come to rely on her expertise in the world of the arts, but I know she could write about pretty much anything I throw at her.

Mary Lane Gallagher, Publications Editor
Office of Communications and Marketing
Western Washington University

I've worked in the non-profit sector for 25 years, overseeing the fundraising, communications and marketing functions for large organizations in the health care, higher ed and humanitarian sectors. Though I have typically managed staff writers, there always seems to come a point where the organization's demand for written content exceeds staff resources. In such cases, I have grown quite comfortable relying on Claire Sykes to meet that demand. She is a highly talented writer whose grasp of communication comes across not just through her written materials, but also in her interpersonal style. She is gracious, dedicated, smart, creative and has a sense of humor to boot! She meets deadlines and intuitively understands the audience, whatever specialized sector she may be writing for. I give her the highest recommendation.

David Rubin, Portland, Oregon

Working with Claire makes my job as an editor easy. She delivers work that aligns with what I ask for, even if what I ask for is nebulous. She creates a great rapport with her subjects, and her initial drafts are solid, so much so that it takes little work to get them into print/posting shape. She's also great to work with—friendly, conscientious, a pleasure overall. I will definitely hire her again.

Celene Carillo, Communications Director
College of Liberal Arts
Oregon State University

I've worked with Claire Sykes on some fairly challenging articles about exploratory music that have been published in Musicworks Magazine. Ms. Sykes is an insightful writer, not afraid to address complex issues, and at the same time she presents her material in simple and expressive language.

Gayle Young, Publisher
Musicworks Magazine

Oregon ArtsWatch readers are always fortunate when we can bring them Claire Sykes's fascinating insights into artists and their creative work.

Brett Campbell, Co-founder/Editor
Oregon ArtsWatch

I turn to Claire Sykes when I need a complex subject presented in a creative, accessible way. Her work for me has covered women's health, behavioral health and health care reform, and she always comes up with enticing ledes for seemingly bland topics. In addition, her interview and research skills result in solid articles that she always turns in on time.

Amy Bernstein, Senior Editorial Project Leader

I can always count on Claire to approach any assigned topic with professionalism and enthusiasm, meeting deadlines and willing to make whatever effort a story may require. And always with a smile!

Lisa James, Managing Editor
Energy Times

Besides Claire's articles always being informative, easy to read and in on deadline, what I really appreciate is the time she spends tailoring each piece to the magazine's audience. Throughout my different editorial positions with trade publications, I've relied on Claire for supplying my readers with intelligent business information they can put to use, immediately.

Erica Kirkland, Editor/Publisher

Claire Sykes's ability to poetically capture her subjects resonates with our audience. She unearths subtle nuances of character and process that provide unexpected insight into these creative individuals. Claire is professional and a pleasure to work with—a valuable combination from an editor's standpoint.

Rebecca Bedrossian, Former Managing Editor
Communication Arts Magazine

Claire's work and professionalism are first rate. She's a self-starter, an effective communicator and a talented writer. Perhaps most gratifying to editors, Claire makes it a priority to understand each assignment and to deliver a tailored manuscript on time.

Johanna Arnone, Former Editor
Remedies for Life

Claire Sykes had produced well-researched, well-written articles for me for many years. Her work has covered behavioral issues, the workplace, women's and children's topics and a host of other subjects. She has an eminently readable style and her work always adheres to our high standards for accuracy. I would recommend her to anyone in need of writing help.

Steve McIver, Managing Editor of Magazines
MediMedia P&T Journal (Pharmacy and Therapeutics)